Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Help from Houston?" Part 2

As it turned out, Dr. Wheeler (in Houston) had one more thing for me to try before agreeing to take me, as it would mean repeated visits to Texas and back. He had gone to college with a couple of other doctors who now (he was pretty sure) practiced the same kind of medicine in Florida. He passed along their names (All of this information came through his secretary/nurse. I have never actually spoken to him directly. He was having some health problems of his own at the time, and I am lucky that he even gave a second glance to my story!) If this "detour" to recovery would work, then all the better! Something within driving distance that had been there all along? Really?! ("Please let this be it. Please help me find them. God, I can't take another dead end. Please...")
With nothing left to lose, I crossed my fingers and started the online search. I only had names. No other leads. And No luck with finding the first doctor.
So I tried again, and located Doctor Randall Loy, of the Center for Reproductive Medicine, in Orlando. He was my "last hope" and would soon give me just that. Hope. (Really, there is no "last hope" in God's eyes. There is always hope, and it comes from HIM. But I am thankful for the people he disguises himself as!)
The center mostly treats patients who have infertility issues, but Endocrinology also covers the specifics of hormonal imbalances in general. I was not the typical "new patient," but I pushed through the awkwardness of explaining my situation to the nurse, got my paperwork ready and set up my first appointment.